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Bujan Jallo Birds Sanctuary

The Bujan Jallo stream is a hub for different spices both Afriican and migratory birds spices.
Location: Sissala East Municipal

Gbele Resource Reserve

The Gbelle Resource Reserve was established in 1975.Geographically, the reserve was established in the short-grass savannah zone. Gbele Resource Reserve is the only wildlife protected area in the Upper West Region of Ghana. It is also located within the jurisdiction of four district assemblies: Sisaala West, Wa East, Sisaala East and Daffiama-Busie-Issah. It is reputed for its large herds of Roan Antelopes, Warthogs, Kob and Waterbuck, which form the main attractions and others such as Warthogs, Hartebeest, Kobs, Roan Antelope, Waterbuck, Black and white Colobus Monkey, Stripe Jackal, Porcupines, Baboons, Buffalos, Royal Pythons, Crocodiles, Bird Viewing, Colorful Butterflies, Elephants and Lions. The south-western portion in particular has been identified as a major concentration area for these species of animals. Side Attractions include but not limited to: 1) Safari 2) Birding/Bird Watching 3) Crocodiles 4) Wild Camping 5) Hiking 6) Sports Fishing
Location: Sissala East Municipal

Kasaana Slaves Market and Kassana Slaves Museum

The Kassana Slave Market, associated archaeological sites and the Museum are the current major historic tourist attractions.
Location: Sissala East Municipal

Kwame Nkruamah's Gifted Car to the late Paramount (Chief) of Tumu, Kuoro Kanton Luri III

The Late Paramount (Chief) of the Tumu Traditional Area,Kuoro Kanton Luri III was a bosom friend of the former Pan-Africanist,freedom fighter and first President of Ghana Dr Osagyfo Kawme Nkurumah. Against this backdrop,late Kuoro Luri Kanton III was part of a few entourage invited by Dr.Nkurumah to travel to Egypt to dowry his wife(Mrs Fathia Nkurumah). Then president Dr.Kwame Nkurumah later gifted the late Tumu Kuoro Kanton Luri III ,a 1959 model Chevrolet Impala saloon car. The skeletal remains of this car has thus being preserved by the Kanton Royal Family as a symbol of the royal house's hospitality to strangers.
Location: Sissala East Municipal

The Tumu Chief's(Kuoro's) Palace

This is the seat of the Paramount Chief(Kuoro's) of the Tumu Traditional Area.The palace,being a one story building, was built with local materials such as bricks from red clay and so forth.
Location: Sissala East Municipal

Wild Camping/Hiking/Sports Hunting on Hills and Mountains

Pudo-Nabulo-Bawiasibele Communities These communities host spectacular landscape and vegetation. The hills and mountains are conducive for hiking,wild camping sports hunting and photography. They are distinct from each other and even far in terms of distance from each other.
Location: Sissala East Municipal

Wottuomo Slave Escape Cave

This is cave that served as a safe heaven for the the people of the Hanvian Clan during the olden days wars and conflicts. They people take refuge in the cave anytime a war drum is sound. It has spiritual connotations as attackers hardly find their victims in the cave and even, attackers sometimes get missing should they forcibly enter the cave. There are stories of stray hunters getting missing during hunting expeditions in the cave and only got seen after appeasement to the gods by the indigenes. This site is located about 8 kilometers from Tumu and on the way from Wa to Tumu.
Location: Sissala East Municipal
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