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once in a while, adventurous trips are usually organized for interested people to places of attractions at different locations.
Location: sissala West

Former President of Ghana Dr.Alhaji Hilla Limann's Tomb

Late President Dr.Alhaji Hilla Limann was the only democratically elected president under the third republic.He was a native of Gwollu and a royal. His tomb therefore attracts tourist from abroad and within Ghana.
Location: sissala West

Gandawii Clan Stone

The Gandawii clan in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region comprises of the following communities: Silbele,Pulima,Sorbelle,Kandia,Kupulima,Gbarima,Jitong,Bouti and Limera. The Gandawii stone is the symbol of unity amongst these communities and thus held as a sacred thing. The rocky stone believed to date back 400 years still located in sorbelle community and usually sacrificed. The stone has been labled as a historical site so far as the above mentioned communities history is concerned.
Location: sissala West

Gwollu Slave Defense Wall

This wall of a rare traditional architecture located within the Chief Palace, the seat of the Paramount Chief, shows the remains of the slave defense wall that was erected by the people of Gwollu to defend themselves against the slave raiders.This initiative was led by Tangia a great warrior then.A tour of the remnant wall together with the interpretation provided by the local people makes this a unique historic site. Visitors include the Africa-Americans of the Diaspora interested in their roots, school groups and back-packer expatriate tourists within the northern sector and neighboring Burkina Faso.
Location: sissala West

Human Foot Prints on a Rocky Surface

A great warrior who founded Silbele Community by name Duku left his footprints and that fo his children on a rocky surface near Sorbelle community as a mark he first discovering the land around the encalve. There was a contest of who first discovered the area as it used to be the name during the stone age period and among Africans. He out of anger and with his children walked barefooted on a rocky surface to leave their footprints as a symbol of greatness,braveness and the first to discover the area. This site is preserved by the Gandawii clan people as a historical site till date.
Location: sissala West

Largest Tree in the upper west region(Baobab Tree)

There is giant baobab tree sited right opposite the Gwullo Slave Defense Wall and said to be the largest in terms if size in the whole of Upper West Region. Studies still underway to find out how old the tree has survived till date.
Location: sissala West

Silbele Community Dam Resort

Silbele Dam initially constructed for irrigational purpose has also being harnessed in a recreational purposes such as Birding as unspecified number of bird species do hover around every evening. The dam also host Sport Fishing by use of hook and line by patrons.
Location: sissala West

Silbelle Dam Birds Hub

The Silbelle Dam serves as an attraction to several spices of birds including migratory birds. Early mornings and Evenings are the ideal times to go birding at this site. The scenery and breeze from the dam is amazing while birding.
Location: sissala West

Woriku Slave Escape Rocky Mountain

This site used to be a place of refuge to four communities namely Bouti,Kandia and Sorbelle. The people of the above mentioned communities used to seek refuge on the rocky mountain any time slave raiders approached their respective communities or settlements. today,what is preserved as a historical site can be described as a very tall and large rocky mountain located in an enclave comprising Kandia, Bouti and Sorbelle communities in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region of Ghana. And on top of the mountain is demarcated stony apartments for each community,clan and family and arranged across the whole mountain to enable them see on-coming slave raiders. they together fight back by pushing some of the stones on the slave raiders.they return to their various community after a retreat from the slave raiders.There was a valley on top of the mountain that used to serve as a drinking water and below the mountain is a flowing stream.
Location: sissala West
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