Woriku Slave Escape Rocky Mountain


Woriku Slave Escape Rocky Mountain

This site used to be a place of refuge to four communities namely Bouti,Kandia and Sorbelle. The people of the above mentioned communities used to seek refuge on the rocky mountain any time slave raiders approached their respective communities or settlements. today,what is preserved as a historical site can be described as a very tall and large rocky mountain located in an enclave comprising Kandia, Bouti and Sorbelle communities in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region of Ghana. And on top of the mountain is demarcated stony apartments for each community,clan and family and arranged across the whole mountain to enable them see on-coming slave raiders. they together fight back by pushing some of the stones on the slave raiders.they return to their various community after a retreat from the slave raiders.There was a valley on top of the mountain that used to serve as a drinking water and below the mountain is a flowing stream.

Location: sissala West,
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