Royal Coszy Hills Hotel and Safari


Royal Coszy Hills Hotel and Safari

This place hosts World class hotel services and a breathtaking safari as well as a resort and located at Jirapa District in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The Place is less than 2 hours drive form Wa the Upper West Regional Capital town. The area is predominantly a Dagaaba speaking people who engages in peasant farming,rearing and petty trading. It also noted for commercial local smock weaving . A hill -top built and large hotel facility Standard hotel services A safari hosting about 24 different species of game Has a resort hosted on an artificially built water body local smock Weaving industries in towns surrounding the facility. package in Safari: game species include but not limited to Lions,Alpaca,wallabies,roan antelope,bush buck,hippopotamus ,zebras,heartbeats,deer,baboon,horses and many others other activities include 1)quad-bike ridding to Babil mushroom rock site 2) safari on special vehicle 3)

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