Katiina Pottery Center


Katiina Pottery Center

Katiina is about an hour ride or drive from Tumu the Municipal capital town of Sissala East in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Pottery work is an age long practice by Africans. Products such as water storage for human consumption , water for animal use, used bee keeping, used as frying pan, for healing purposes etc are results from the Pottery work in Katiina. Clay is used in molding of these products and according to specifications.The molded clay products are usually subjected to intense heating in fire to get hardened for sustainable use. Women mostly engage in this activities. The community is just about 15 minutes ride or drive to the nearest community in Burkina Faso called Dong. Dong in Burkina Faso serves as the nearest market centre for the Pottery products produced in Katiina. The second and the largest market centre is Leo market in Burkina Faso.

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