Gwollu Bone Setting Center


Gwollu Bone Setting Center

Traditional bone setting center in Gwollu the Distrcit Capital of the Sissala West has gained popularity among orthopedic patients who believe that traditional therapy has miraculous healing potency. A Brief Journey Bone Setting center Run by Nagiriwie clan of Gwollu,Tituowala it is believed to be in existence for over 200 years and it is said that, Mr Tituo the founder of Tituowala had 2 wives by names Hakuli and Hawie. As rivals, the two wives did not see eye to eye. Once upon a time, Hakuli left for farm while Hawie needed a pistel to pound her millet for flour and so, resorted to using Hakuli’s pistel as she was not around. Unfortunately, Hawie broke the pistel of Hakuli which she used in pounding of millet as there was no grinding mill then. Hawie could only replace the broken pistel with a new one but as fierce rivals Hakuli insisted on having her original pistel mended and able for use. Faced with this puzzle, Hawie took the two ends of the broken pistel and prayed to God to help her out of the complex situation. She spat three times on one end of the broken end and three times on the other end and then tried fixing the two ends together. Lo and behold, the two broken ends got joined together in a stiffer state. Hawie thank God for the miracle and has since been extended to the fixing of broken human parts with lacing of the nearest herb mixed (pipahoka) with shea butter. The healing process involves both herbal and spiritual healing. The first human to have been healed was a child who had a fracture and needed healing. After the healing by Hawie, the parents of the child asked for their bill but Hawie said there was no bill since she had the believe that God gave her the power of healing to save mankind. But as a sign of appreciation, the parents of the child brought a calabash of millet, one thousand cowries and tobacco leaves and this form of appreciation has since been instituted till date. One interesting thing about the healing processes is the plucking of the tail feathers of a fowl which is left in the clinic or center while a patient receives treatment. This is then used to determine when a patient’s fracture would heal and when to untie or remove the wrapped splint (sangai) and the bandages. It is believed that by the time the tail feathers of the chicken grow the patient would have been fully healed of his or her fracture or broken part. The art bone setting is only practiced by the Tituo family in Gwollu via herbal and spiritual healing. The clinic or center has been handed from generations to generation and it is always headed by the leader and elderly in the family. Training is acquired by young ones as they learn on field from the elders in the center. The bone setting clinic is currently headed by Mr Abudu Yusif It is a taboo to indulge in sexual intercourse while under -going treatment The bone setting center is a benevolent institution and hence has no formal charges for treatment or healing. The bone setting center is popularly for treating various degree of fracture cases and receives patients from all walks of life both within Ghana and neighboring countries especially Burkina Faso This traditional bone healing has since being with Tituo family in Gwollu. Awards/Recognition Attraction site guide of the year 2006(7th upper west regional tourism award) Upper West Regional Toursit attraction of the year 2005 Popular visitors Late Jake Obetsebi Lamptey minister of Tourism then RTD Captain Nkrabeah Effah Dartey deputy minister for local government then Hon.Salifu Wah District Chief Executive for Sissala West Mr.Wiliam Ayambiri regional Director for Ghana Tourism Authroity Upper West Region

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